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Is Root Canal Safe?

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Portland Emergency Dentist
Diagram showing the anatomy of a tooth at Portland Emergency DentistA root canal is a restorative procedure for treating cavities. A dentist can recommend it when cavities have infected your tooth roots. They can remove the infected pulp and clean the area before filling it with a synthetic material.

A root canal can save your tooth and avoid extraction, but concerns have been rising about its safety. It is a safe procedure that has been in use for over a century. No evidence that associates it with any health issue or death. While this is true, some people spread myths about the root canal. Here are some of them:

[[[H2;Root Canal Causes Illness]]]

One misinformation peddled online is that root canal causes illness. You may likely experience a fever when you undergo the procedure, but it does not mean you are seeking it. Every person who undergoes the procedure feels a little pain which goes away after some time. No links are available to show a connection between a root canal and any illness.

It Leads To Jaw Pains At Later Stages

Another false you can find online about root canals is that they cause jaw pains. Your root canals do not experience any pain after healing unless from an external force.

Eating hard food, sudden hyperactivity, and other external issues can lead to jaw pain around the root canal area. The experience is not due to undergoing a root canal, which makes this claim false.

It Causes Loss Of Appetite For Several Months

Loss of appetite can be a common experience for some people after undergoing this procedure but this lasts for 2 to 3 weeks only. The cause of the issue is not due to a root canal. It occurs due to the change in dental structure.

A dentist can also prescribe pills to speed up the healing process. The pills can impact your appetite. The claim of losing appetite for months has no medical grounds.

The success of a root canal relies on the dentist you consider. If you're planning to undergo this procedure, contact us for an appointment with an accredited dentist.
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