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What Is a Gum Boil?

Posted on 8/21/2023 by Evan
What Is a Gum Boil?A gum boil is a lump that develops on your gum. Your gum can become swollen and uncomfortable because of a gum boil. This inflammation can cause the area to appear red. It occurs when there is a bacterial infection in the gum. An accumulation of bacteria in the gum which can come from tooth decay, plaque, or food particles will cause the gumboil to form. These bacteria accumulate when you have a poor oral hygiene routine.

These gum boils can either be fluid or hard. This is because they are filled with either pus or it can be a solid gum tissue. The gum boils are usually painless; however, you may experience a sharp pain when you touch them.

Types of Gum Boils

There are three types of gum boils, and this depends on where they are located that is gingival, periapical, and periodontal abscess. Gingivitis abscess is found along the gum line while periodontal is found along the supporting tissues of teeth and periapical occurs at the root of a tooth.

Symptoms of Gum Boils

A lump on your gum or at the root of your teeth is not the only symptom of gum boils. Aside from the formation of the lump, other symptoms of gum boils include; pus discharge, bad breath, swollen gums, bleeding, gum pain or even tenderness, nausea, and fever.

What Causes Gum Boils?

Poor oral health is one of the major reasons why you may have gum boils. Poor oral health will lead to the accumulation of bacteria, which may occur from plaque or tooth decay. Once these bacteria build up in the gums, then it will cause the formation of gum boils. Poor nutrition can also cause gum boils. The consumption of sugary foods and drinks will lead to gum infection and tooth decay. This will lead to gum boils.

If you want gum boils to heal easily, treat them immediately. Thus, it is important that you consult with your dentist immediately after the gum boil forms. Your dentist will probably suggest a deep cleaning, root canal treatment, or gum surgery depending on where the boil occurs.
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