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Dealing With Jaw Pains

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Evan
Dealing With Jaw PainsJaw pain is one of the major issues affecting millions of people in America. It can be mild or severe. Many factors may cause jaw pain, like a toothache or gum disease, or even grinding your teeth. Also, Jaw pain may be a symptom of some serious issues, such as a heart attack, or a broken or dislocated jaw. There are dozens of reasons your jaw might hurt; however, there are some coping methods as described below:

Place Cooling Packs Or Heat

The kind of pain you are experiencing should influence your temperature choice. A cooling pack gently pressed on the painful region for 10 minutes will manage sharp pain by numbing your nerves. For dull unending pain, heat the area for 20 minutes to relax the jaw muscles by enhancing blood flow into the affected region. To achieve either of the above, ice packs and towels soaked in warm water (or using a plastic bottle with hot water), respectively, are your inexpensive options. Apply the correct choice three to four times a day for optimal results.

Get Medication

Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs, though in limited quantities, reduce muscle and joint pain. However, visit our dentist before getting drugs.

Reducing Caffeine Intake

Caffeine contributes to muscle tension— it is wise to detach from it. It is standard for individuals restrained from caffeine to experience muscle tension over the short term. Caffeine is present in tea, chocolate, cola, and coffee.

Reducing Activities Causing Jaw Strains

Singing excessively, supporting the head from the jaw, and playing musical instruments like the violin while experiencing jaw pains will only worsen it. Similarly, keeping away from activities that demand a wide opening of the mouth, including taking large chunks of bites, yawning, and extended dental procedures, will decrease jaw pain. It is best to avoid crunchy, gristle, or food that requires a lot of chewing.

Visit A Dentist

Temporary solutions are just that— temporary. But for better care for your jaw, dental health, and overall well-being, visiting a dentist is the best choice. Please book an appointment with our customer-friendly dentist.
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