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Dental Emergencies For Kids
Portland, OR

Smiling image of a kid after being treated for a dental emergency, at Portland Emergency Dentist in Portland, OR. Experiencing a pediatric dental emergency can be a stressful situation. However, these occurrences can become much easier to manage if you have a plan in place and better understand what a pediatric emergency is. This starts with having your child established with a trusted pediatric dental professional, such as those found on our team at Portland Emergency Dentist.

Medical emergencies are difficult situations that can leave you scrambling to make the best decision in a short time. These emergencies are even more stressful when they involve your children. Life is unpredictable and most families will experience at least a few medical emergencies related to their children's oral health.

Our staff is skilled at handling all forms of pediatric care, including emergencies. Knowing what to do when your child experiences an injury can mean the difference between saving their tooth or the need for a costly replacement. Whether your child has lost a tooth or severely bitten their lip, our team can help.

What is Considered a Pediatric Emergency?

A pediatric dental emergency is any occurrence that requires immediate care to reduce or limit the risk of serious consequences. We strive to help your child have a positive oral outcome and prevent any additional negative health consequences.

This can include things such as having a tooth knocked out during a sporting event. If treated quickly, your child's tooth can be saved and put back in. Chipped teeth should also be considered an emergency and prompt a call to our team.

Lost Tooth

One of the most commonly experienced pediatric dental emergencies is a lost tooth. If your child loses a tooth during an accident, the first step is to immediately find the tooth and then rinse it with water.

If the tooth is in one piece, then it can be reinserted into the socket and likely salvage the tooth. You should then transport your child for treatment. If you are unsure if the tooth is safe to reinsert or you do not feel comfortable doing so, then it should be placed in cold milk or water and transported with your child to our team. Our professionals can then place the tooth back into the socket as long as the roots are intact.

Tooth Pain

Another pediatric emergency can involve sudden tooth discomfort or a severe toothache. Severe discomfort can be a sign of an infection or other problems. While minor decay issues can typically be put off, a serious toothache needs rapid attention. Pain that has not subsided with over the counter medications may require stronger, prescription medications to alleviate the pain until the tooth can be repaired or extracted.

Oral infections are also a potential reason for emergency pediatric dental care. If your child is experiencing a fever or swelling as a result of infection, prompt medical care can prevent potentially life-threatening progression of symptoms.

Bit Lip or Tongue

In addition, a bite to your child's tongue or lip is a common pediatric emergency. Whether this occurred while they were playing or as the result of a fall, bites can cause serious injury. Getting them in to see a dental professional is a great way to have the damage accessed quickly. A trip to the emergency room may be necessary in the most severe cases.

What Types of Procedures Are Performed During a Pediatric Emergency?

Emergency pediatric dental care is all about saving your child's tooth and getting them comfortable again. Our team is focused on reducing the effects of the injury on your child while also eliminating the need for more comprehensive care in the future. If your child has suffered a bite to their lip or tongue, then our professionals will assess the injury and apply sutures if needed.

If your child is brought in for a major toothache, then our team will examine the tooth so that they can determine the cause of your child's discomfort. After that process is complete, they may install a filling to address the issue. If your child requires more involved treatment, they will likely prescribe medications to help reduce discomfort while the procedure is planned out.

Chipped teeth are relatively easy to repair during a dental emergency. When your child suffers one of these types of injuries, our professionals will usually take x-rays and determine the severity of the damage. They will then discuss potential treatments, such as the placement of bonding material or even a crown.

What Ailments Are Not Considered Dental Emergencies?

If your child has chipped a tooth, but the majority of the tooth is intact and they are not experiencing any discomfort, then it is safe to schedule an appointment to see our team at a later date. If they are experiencing mild dental pain without signs of infection and the pain can be managed or alleviated with over the counter medications, this is also a situation that does not warrant immediate dental care.

Minor oral bleeding, such as that caused by a busted lip, that was quickly controlled and not persistent does not require immediate medical treatment. However, unusual and persistent bleeding may be a cause for concern and should be addressed with our dental professionals. Significant or unexplained bleeding can be signs of a severe medical condition and warrant immediate treatment.

If you are ever unsure of the severity of an injury, then you should seek prompt medical attention for your child. Our team at Portland Emergency Dentist is here to help and our professionals are happy to answer your questions about emergency dental care. You can reach our office by calling us at (971) 274-2043.

Preparing for Dental Emergencies

If you would like to learn more about how to prepare for dental emergencies or are ready to get your child established with a quality dental care team, then it is time to see our emergency dentist at Portland Emergency Dentist. Our team can provide for your child's routine oral care and also treat dental emergencies. You can schedule your child's appointment by calling our office at (971) 274-2043 today.
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